International projects


No. Project 

Name of the project

Project leader

Years of solution

LdV – TOI 133100530

RoboReha – Robotics in Rehabilitation

prof. Hajduk

2013 - 2015


Virtual Training laboratory in Automated and Robotized Manufacturing Systems

prof. Hajduk

2009 - 2011

ISAR LDV PL/05/B/P/PP/174007

SAAIC - LdV : Integrated Set of vocation trainings in the field most advanced solution in technology, organization and safety in automatized and robotized manufacturing

prof. Hajduk

2005 - 2007

MVTP 194/061 / ČR

Design of precise and compact drive modules for production and robotic technology based on bearing reducers and actuators

prof. Čop

2002 - 2003

MVTP 0025 /SRN

Influence of physical factors on positioning accuracy of industrial robots and manipulators

doc. Schulz

2001 - 2002