New study program: Robotics and robototechnology

 WEB 2020

Teaching in the program is devoted to the design, construction and engineering of robots, including mobile and service equipment and systems used in practice as so-called peripheral devices of robotic technology, which are characterized by high functional, motor and handling capabilities, mechanical accuracy and high reliability.


- Robotics is the field of the future
- Lots of job opportunities and good financial evaluation of the industry
- The new field is therefore of great interest, especially in graduates who "understand" with robots
- We focus mainly on practical skills
- Teaching on real industrial robots of all basic kinematics



- excursions, workshops and seminars organized in cooperation with companies,
- job prospects in the field,
- participation in projects solved at the department,
- internship

ori bioloid premium kit 139 200almega
                You can download the information leaflet here: letak robotika.pdf