Laboratórium virtuálneho a experimentálneho prototypovania


The laboratory is used for educational and research activities focused on the field of virtual prototyping and the use of rapid prototyping methods for the production of components from plastics or composite materials on state-of-the-art 3D printers. In addition, it allows experimental verification of the working accuracy of machine tools on models of milling machines and lathes as well as on a real machine tool. In addition to technical equipment, technical documentation and other educational aids are also available. The laboratory is equipped with audiovisual technology. The capacity of the laboratory is about 10 to 12 students.


 lab 1

1. CraftBot XL 3D printer

Increased model with a print volume of 300 × 200 × 440 millimeters specially designed for schools, boarding schools, designers, architects and modelers. It enables the production of precise plastic models from a wide range of materials (PLA, PVA, TPU, ABS, PETG and Nylon).

lab 2 lab 3

2. Markforged Mark Two 3D printer
Mark Two is the best professional 3D printer in its class - working on the principle of continuous fiber reinforcement (CFR), thanks to which it is possible to reliably produce solid components. The hardened extrusion system allows the Mark Two to reliably print Onyx - a nylon fiber filled with micro-carbon particles. In addition to the common functions of the FFF, the Mark Two has a second-generation fiber reinforcement system that allows you to store a continuous fiber (carbon fiber, glass fiber, kevlar) to reinforce products.

lab 4

lab 5 lab 6

3. Modular UNIMAT CNC system
Thanks to the proven modularity of the UNIMAT ML system, UNIMAT CNC enables countless configurations and CNC applications. Ideal for reproducing workpieces and processing 3D volume models. Machinable materials: wood, plexiglass, wax, precious, non-ferrous and soft metals.

lab 7

4. EMCO PC TURN 50 lathe
Computer-controlled CNC lathe designed for machining rotating parts equipped with a turret with the possibility of clamping 3 tools at the same time is suitable for machining semi-finished products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

lab 8