Laboratory of industrial robotics


The laboratory was built for the purpose of educational and research activities, the outputs of which are focused on the application of robotic technology in technical practice. It enables the mastery of basic routines in the programming of basic kinematic robotic structures (serial and parallel) as well as problems in solving projects related to the deployment of robotic structures. In addition to technical equipment, technical documentation and other educational aids are also available. The laboratory is equipped with audiovisual technology. The capacity of the laboratory is about 12 students.

We use RoboDK for simulation and offline programming of industrial robots.

The additional information about the software can be found from the RoboDK website:



1. Experimental workplace equipped with a parallel robot
- the workplace provides space for teaching programming of a parallel robot in cooperation with associated peripherals.
Workplace composition:
• ABB robot - IRB 360-3 / 1130,
• ABB control system - IRC5,
• vacuum gripper (suction cup SMC),
• Cognex camera system.
• belt conveyor (belt width 300 mm, belt length 2100 mm), Siemens Logo control system (1pc), asynchronous motor LENZE M56B4 + gearbox
• modular pallet conveyor (Bosch) equipped with a system of three belt conveyors with system pallets equipped with RFID, motors BOSCH (LAFERT) 3842503582-384 (3x) and 3842503585-289 (3pcs), inductive sensors BALLUFF (14pcs)

004 01

2. Experimental workplace equipped with SCARA robot
- multi-purpose workplace enabling independent programming of a robotic structure of the SCARA type, as well as teaching of workplace programming for pick-and-place manipulation tasks supported by a camera system
Workplace composition:
• Yamaha YK 600X robot
• Yamaha control system - QRCX-000,
• pneumatic gripper double-jaw SMC - MHC2-10S,
• pneumatic gripper three-jaw SMC - MHS3-25D,
• device for quick change of SMC effectors - MA310-YAM5,
• vibrating conveyor ROX - M100 (200x460),
• vibrating hopper ROX - KZ 200 B / L,
• vibrating hopper ROX - KZ 200 B / R,
• OMRON F150 camera system.
• exchangeable effector system - AC servo motor YASKAWA SJME-01AMC4C-OY + gearbox (2x)
• depalletizing equipment OMRON - DPZ TU215, stepper motor JMC 57J1880EC-1000, JMC 57J1854EC-1000 + gearbox
• palletizing device OMRON - PZ TU215, stepper motor JMC 57J1880EC-1000, JMC 57J1854EC-1000 + gearbox
• belt conveyor (belt width 360 mm, belt length 2150 mm), asynchronous motor MOTOVARIO NMRV030 + gearbox
• pallet conveyor (width 120 mm, length 2350 mm), asynchronous motor MOTOVARIO NMRV030 + gearbox

004 02b

004 02a

3. Experimental workplace equipped with a two-armed robot
- the workplace enables the education of students in the field of collaborative robotic systems.
Workplace composition:
• Yaskawa / Motoman SDA 10F robot,
• Yaskawa / Motoman control system - FS 100 (ERMR-SDA010F-E00),
• electric double-jaw gripper SCHUNK - PG 070,
• electric three-jaw gripper SCHUNK - EZN 64,
• Schunk gripper control system based on “Raspberry Pi”
• parts tray.
• force sensor EMSYST EMS 70-1kN + converter to force sensor EMS170 (2pcs)

004 03

4. Experimental workplace equipped with an angular robot
- the workplace enables the preparation of students in the programming of a robot designed for arc welding.
Workplace composition:
• OTC Daihen robot - Almega AX-MV6,
• Daihen OTC control system - AXCMN1-C000,
• CO2 welding torch (MIG),
• OTC Daihen welding unit - DM400,
• welding jig with 3 pieces of pneumatic clamps Tuenkers V50.

004 04

5. Experimental workplace IMS (Intelligent assembly system)
- workplace based on pneumatic modules controlled by a logic controller, ensuring automatic assembly of three components into a whole.
Workplace composition:
• Optical sensor with evaluation unit OMRON E3X-DA51
• Optical sensor with evaluation unit OMRON E3X-DA41
• Pressure sensor SMC ISE40-01-22L
• Vacuum sensor SMC ZSE40F-01-22L
• Pneumatic rotary manipulator with SMC two-finger gripper
• Pneumatic gantry manipulator with SMC suction cup
• Linear double-acting pneumatic cylinders SMC
• Articulated conveyor driven by electric motor MEZ Mohelnice 3AP S63-4s

004 05

6. Sensing and drive technology
- Demonstrations of functional measuring and drive equipment usable in automation and robotization of workplaces.
Assembly of components:
• Laser distance sensor SICK DL50-P1123 (3pcs),
• Inductive sensor BALLUFF BES 516-3007-G-E4-C-PU-02 (10 pcs)
• Optical diffusion sensor BALLUFF BOS 12M-PS-1YA-BO-C-03 (10 pcs)
• Safety laser sensor SICK S32B-3011EA (2 pcs)
• Light barrier SICK MSLE03-14061A (1pc)
• Light barrier SICK MSLS03-24071 (1pc)
• HEINDENHAIN MT 25 touch sensors (3 pcs.) + 3 evaluation units
• HEINDENHAIN MT 12 touch sensors (3 pcs.) + 3 evaluation units
• Servomotor TG Drives TGN3-0115-60-560 / T4PBS4-H02 (1 pc) + Siemens inverter