Data processing from V-REP (CoppeliaRobotics) to Matlab and Solid E

We solve data processing from V-REPU (CoppeliaRobotics) video (Video_V-Rep.avi) in attachment, a model of a robotic arm composed of URM, to SOLID and Matlab, for kinematic simulations. 

The video (URM_multibody_kinematics_clanok_3.avi) of the same trajectory can also be viewed Annex (trajectory p7_3.jpg), but already generated in Matlab based on data from (IK) inverse kinematics environment V-Rep, which we based on cooperation with the Faculty of Technical University of Ostrava.

I also attached a picture of the trajectory of the components of the position vector (effector), which performs the movement along the prescribed trajectory. However, there is a discontinuity of motion due to limitations in V-Rep software. This process is additionally modified in the Simulink environment. In Attachment:

The trajectories of the components of the effector position vector_ before modification.pdf and the trajectories of the effector position vector components after modification.pdf. The result of this processing is clearly visible in the shape of the trajectory images (trajectory p7_3.jpg) - after treatment and (trajectory p7.jpg) - before treatment.

Trajektrie zloiek polohovho vektora efektora pred pravou

Trajektrie zloiek polohovho vektora efektora po prave

trajektria p7