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Responsible person: Ing. Marek Moravec, PhD.
Location: P. Komenského 5, building PK5, 1st floor, room 001

The laboratory is equipped with unique instrumentation, which will provide and provide knowledge, technical and software support in the process of evaluating and objectifying environmental factors in order to improve the quality of the environment and working conditions in technological operations of engineering production and to assess the environmental impact of these plants. In the laboratory, objectification of physical factors is carried out mainly noise, vibration, electromagnetic field, and solid aerosols. Within the laboratory there is an accredited laboratory SNAS - Section of objectification of environmental factors (Certificate of Accreditation No. S-292).


PK5 001


Focus of the laboratory
the laboratory of the environment in accordance with the requirements of the Slovak National Accreditation Service. Laboratory equipment makes it possible to improve theoretical knowledge by carrying out practical activities in the laboratory when working with modern measuring and analytical instruments. The laboratory also serves for the implementation of scientific and research activities, processing of student final works as well as for teaching the main subjects of the study programme Environmental Engineering such as: Objectification of environmental factors, acoustics and vibrations, Measurement and monitoring of environmental factors, Assessment of health impacts, Basics of psychoacoustics. In addition to these activities, the laboratory performs the following activities:
• processing the results of noise and vibration measurements in the environment and working environment,
• formation of noise studies,
• vibro-acoustic analyses and measurements of noise and vibration sources,
• visualization of noise sources of engineering products,
• localization and identification of noise sources by visualization methods,
• determination of acoustic properties of materials,
• psychoacoustic studies of sound quality of engineering products,
• optimization of sounds of engineering products,
• analysis of electromagnetic fields,
• measurement of exposure of solid aerosols in working environments.


Laboratory objectives
• Carrying out research in the field of acoustic properties of materials.
• Research and development of acoustic design of engineering products.
• Design and research into emission reductions (noise, vibration, radiation) of engineering products.
• Design and research of shading materials of electromagnetic fields.
• Carrying out psychoacoustic studies of sound quality of engineering products.
• Enable students to master work with modern measuring technology.
• Carry out laboratory measurements for the purpose of processing student final works.
• Deepen the theoretical and technical knowledge of students when performing experimental measurements.
• Create prerequisites to solve technical and environmental problems.
• Practical practice of individual measurement methodologies.
• Implement activities aimed at cooperation with practice.



gfai Berlin – acoustic camera with circular and star microphone array.
Microflown – a combined sensor for acoustic pressure and acoustic particle speed.
Kundtova trubica N-SW 466 – impedance tube.
Norsonic – assembly for realization of building and acoustic measurements.
HEAD Acoustic – psychoacoustic binaural measuring system.
Norsonic Nor-140, Nor-118, Nor 121 – sound analyzers.
Crystal Instrument CoCo-80 – vibration signal analyzer.
Narda SRM-3006 – electromagnetic field analyzer.
Norsonic 136 a Brüel & Kjær 4447 – vibration analyzer.
Narda EFA-300 a NBM-550 – magnetic and electric field analyzer.



Chladnyho platňa – stend for visualization of sound and vibration propagation.
Silentium – stend with active sound control application.

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48.731454973 N    21.245949268 E

Mapa EN 2023


Park Komenského 5
042 00 Košice
Slovak republic


Marianna Brnová
Phone number: +421 55 602 2925
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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