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MSc Program


Program Number: Management and Business Economics
Study Form: Full-time
Language of Instruction: Slovak
Standard Duration of Study: 2 years



A graduate of the Management and Business Economics master's program possesses a broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of business management and economics. With a clear understanding of current concepts related to the mechanical engineering field, they can integrate technical, technological, economic, and managerial aspects of a business. The graduate has the ability to acquire and interpret specialized data in the areas of corporate economics and finance, people management, production, processes, and projects. Prepared for leadership and project management roles in various industrial sectors, the graduate applies complex technical, technological, economic, and managerial solutions. They are also capable of conducting research with a high degree of creativity and independence. The graduate can apply their knowledge and experience to enhance the competitiveness of companies and support the processes of digitalization and optimization in various organizational structures.
The topics of master's theses, from their selection and formulation to processing and evaluation, including the level of guidance and subsequent defense, serve as evidence of the graduate's ability to independently tackle challenging tasks within the second level of the Management and Business Economics study program. Their acquired theoretical and practical knowledge becomes a significant tool for creatively and effectively solving real problems in the field of management and business economics. In this way, the graduate prepares for comprehensive leadership and management of business activities, with an emphasis on their long-term sustainability and competitiveness in the dynamic business environment. The entire process, from thesis selection to defense, reflects the graduate's capability to apply their knowledge and skills to address complex issues in the realm of business management and economics.


Graduates of the second level of the Management and Business Economics study program with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering will:
• Acquire in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in the field of business management and economics, encompassing project design, improvement, and optimization of business processes.
• Demonstrate the ability to identify and effectively solve real-world problems, utilizing both theoretical and practical insights gained during their bachelor's studies.
• Gain practical skills through the implementation of laboratory work and industrial internships within industrial enterprises.
• Address complex issues in the areas of design, project management, and analysis, with a focus on application in construction, technology, management, and other processes within the field of mechanical engineering.
• Manage dynamic processes of technological changes and development in industrial sectors, taking into account the evolving industry and its needs.
• Work on projects involving comprehensive phases, such as problem identification, thorough analysis, design, and implementation of extensive solutions within the business environment.
• Conduct research with a high degree of creativity and independence, allowing them to approach problems from new and innovative perspectives, contributing to progress in their field and creating new solutions for industrial and economic challenges.
• Utilize modern technological and software tools in the analysis and management of business processes, ensuring efficient and optimized operations within the business environment.
• Demonstrate the ability to create and advocate for innovations and improvements within business processes and systems, contributing to the development and competitiveness of businesses in the market.
• Develop the ability to communicate effectively and collaborate in a team environment, enabling them to successfully manage projects and coordinate activities across different departments and team members.


After completing the second level of the Management and Business Economics study program with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering, graduates will be prepared for demanding and responsible positions in the fields of management, economics, and engineering, with the possibility of achieving a high level of self-realization and career growth.


Graduates of the study program find opportunities in various professional spheres, including:
• Departments for strategies and planning in various organizations and companies, where they play a key role in formulating and implementing corporate strategies.
• Departments for economic analysis and performance control of business processes, where they leverage their analytical skills to optimize business operations.
• Departments for project management and investments, where they contribute to technical-economic assessments and risk management related to corporate initiatives.
• Departments for market research and analysis, where they contribute to the development of business strategies and enhance the competitiveness of companies.
• Managerial and coordination units in manufacturing and commercial organizations, where they lead and coordinate various aspects of business operations.
• Consulting firms focused on optimizing business processes and economic performances, where they provide expert advice and solutions for clients.
• Departments for managing public resources and financial funds within the public sector and institutions, where they engage in strategic management of resources and finances.
• Units for strategic planning and management in the automotive industry, ensuring effective management of manufacturing processes and production optimization.
• Institutions for economic analysis and planning in the automotive industry, contributing to improving competitiveness and innovation in production processes.
• Units for public procurement and project management within the public sector, ensuring transparent and efficient utilization of public resources.
• Consulting firms and advisory services providing expert advice in the field of public management and efficient resource utilization.


Study Program Board: Management and Business Economics, MSc Program


Person Responsible for the Study Program:
Prof. Ing. Jaroslava Kádárová, PhD., MBA


Instructors for Profile Subjects:
Prof. RNDr. Martin Bača, PhD.
Doc. Ing. Renáta Turisová, PhD., MBA
Doc. Ing. Jaroslava Janeková, PhD.
Doc. Ing. Juraj Šebo, PhD.


Student Representative:
Bc. Diana Berezná


Representatives of External Stakeholders or Alumni:
Three representatives from the business and economic practice.


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Park Komenského 5
042 00 Košice
Slovak republic


Marianna Brnová
Phone number: +421 55 602 2925
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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