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Responsible person: doc. Ing. Ružena Králiková, PhD.
Location: P. Komenského 5, building PK5, 1st floor, room 007

At present, there is a significant acceleration on a global scale in the area of improving the quality of the environment, improving it, modifying it, but also optimising the factors that influence this quality. The laboratory was built to familiarize students with unique instrumentation, which will provide and provide knowledge, technical and software support in the process of evaluating and objectifying environmental factors in order to improve the quality of the environment and working conditions in technological operations of engineering production and to assess the environmental impact of these plants. The laboratory performs objectification of physical factors such as lighting, thermal-humidity microclimate, airflow and monitoring of the distribution of temperature fields through thermal imaging. The laboratory has modern instrumentation and measuring technology, including computer equipment necessary for analyses, expertise and subsequent evaluations of the environmental parameters studied. The results obtained by experimental measurements are necessary for evaluating the quality of the working environment, determining the impact of physical factors on the safety, health risks, comfort and productivity of workplaces. The main goal of the laboratory is to develop creative activities, technical thinking and help to understand and be aware of the technical context in the students. Develop their ability to choose the right methods and means of experimental equipment, as well as their ability to draw relevant conclusions from the experiments carried out, leading to the resolution of scientific and technical problems, e.g. by experimental modelling and simulation.


PK5 007


Laboratory focus

The laboratory is focused mainly on measuring and evaluating light-technical and microclimatic parameters in the working environment of industrial plants. Students can deepen and verify theoretical knowledge gained from subjects such as Measurement and monitoring of environmental factors, Design of environmental installations and Assessment of the environmental quality of production plants in addressing specific tasks. They also use numerical modelling and simulation methods to verify the results obtained from experimental measurements. They will use the results obtained by experimental measurements in the evaluation of quantitative and qualitative parameters of the environment and the working environment.
Since the laboratory focuses on the field of environmental engineering, experimental measurements are also oriented to research and development of technical equipment and segments that affect the environment. Among other things, students must master:
• measurement methodology in accordance with technical standards or hygiene requirements given by legislation,
• registration of measured data for storage media,
• determination of the accuracy of the measured quantity,
• calculation and determination of uncertainty of experimental measurements depending on the measuring instruments used and methods of measurement,
• processing, evaluation or visualization of measured data in the relevant software.


Objectives of the laboratory

• Research on physical phenomena in the environment and working environment (thermal-humidity microclimate, airflow and lighting).
• Inform students about experimental methods of evaluating physical factors in the environment and working environment.
• Deepen the theoretical knowledge and technical skills of students in the implementation of the experimental measurements themselves.
• Develop their ability to choose the right methods for environmental engineering and the ability to draw relevant conclusions from the experimental work carried out.
• Create prerequisites to solve technical and environmental problems by experimental modelling and subsequent simulation verification.


Instrumentation of the laboratory

Luxmeter Radiolux 111 Krochmann – is a state-of-the-art digital device with brightness attachment for photometric and radiometric measurement, used for laboratory and field applications, measuring range from 0.01 lux to 360 klux, measuring range of brightness from 0,01 cd/m2 to 3600 kcd/m2.
Luxmeter TESTO 454 – digital device with fixed probe for measuring artificial and natural light, measures lighting intensity in workplaces indoors and outdoors, measuring range from 0 to 100000 lux, with resolution of 1 lux (0 to 32000 lux), 10 lux (0 to 100000 lux).
Termovízna kamera FLUKE Ti32 – High-resolution thermal imaging camera with high resolution of 320 x 240 points, temperature range –20°C až 600°C; temperature sensitivity (NETD) < 0,05°C; IR-Fusion image analysis; 2Mpx camera for real frame; 16 color pallets, image evaluation software, memory for more than 12.
Environmentálny monitor EVM-7 (TSI) – aerosol concentration monitor with the size of PM2,5 to PM10, serves as an indoor air quality meter and area detector of CO2, VOC and others gases.
TESTO 435 – multifunctional measuring device for assessing indoor air quality.
Vernon-Jokl Guľové teplomery – stereoteplometer for measuring microclimatic conditions.


Laboratory software equipment

DIALux EVO – is lighting design software, available free of charge. It is used for the calculation of light-technical parameters and their visualization in the interior and exterior.
Relux – lighting design software, available free of charge. It is used for the calculation of light-technical parameters and their visualization in the interior and exterior.
AutoCAD – is the most used CAD application, e.g. for creating models of buildings or parts thereof.
ANSYS FLUENT, ANSYS CFD – student software available free of charge, used to simulate temperature and humidity fields and airflow indoors.
Design Builder – a modern tool for modelling and calculating the energy intensity of buildings, lighting, CO2 emissions and indoor building environment.

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48.731454973 N    21.245949268 E

Mapa EN 2023


Park Komenského 5
042 00 Košice
Slovak republic


Marianna Brnová
Phone number: +421 55 602 2925
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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