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Bc. Quality and Safety: presence and distant form


It is possible to realize the educational process and individual subjects within the study programme Quality and Safety in the study field of Mechanical Engineering in the 1st degree of a university-degree study by means of both present and distance way of studying. During the studies in this field, the student shall acquire knowledge from the area of Quality Management (control) in Mechanical Engineering production, Safety and Occupational health, as well as the main information on requirements for the Maintenance and Machinery Safety Management.

Safety and Quality department, guaranteeing education of the respective study programme, has had a long-term cooperation with industrial practice. The result of the cooperation is an educational model involving professionals within the quality, safety and maintenance management department. Final theses are thematically oriented on practical outputs.

Within the studies, student is able to apply statistic regulation procedures of production processes and tools of quality improvement, to implement requirements according to international standards for Quality Management System (ISO 9001, IATF 16949), or Occupational health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001).By using software applications, students will master (achieve) skills of designing and modelling safe machinery construction based on Industry 4.0 requirements. They will learn to apply risk assessment tools for production processes and safe products in accordance with the requirements of valid EU legislation. Based on the acquired knowledge, they will have a possibility of working in various production and non-production enterprises (however, mainly in engineering and automobile industry). The graduate of the study field is able to apply principles and requirements of management systems targeting on the achievement of production efficiency of the sustainable development of the society.

After graduating from bachelor studies, a student may be hired as a quality or maintenance technician, or a safety technician. Knowledge of a foreign language shall provide the graduate with opportunities in further career in practice.


Ing. (Dipl.-Ing./ M.Eng.) Safety of Technical Systems : presence and distant form


This study programme, throughout its entire education process, puts an emphasis on teaching realised mainly in cooperation with professionals from practice as the Safety and Quality Department has more than a 20-year intensive cooperation with them.

The main pillars of the study programme are safety – maintenance – quality – continuity, the base is so-called ´Risk based Thinking´. The student of second degree (Ing.) of university studies, study programme Technical system safety in the study specialisation Mechanical Engineering, acquires the ability how to form and lead an experimental team in the area of interest, how to lead teams for supervision, inspection and certification of technical systems with regards to the safety of their operation in accordance with the principles of safety and health protection at work and the requirements for the prevention of severe industrial accidents. The graduate is capable of performing the analysis of particular problems, analysing products/systems and apply safe procedures, modelling industrial processes and their accidents, realising simulation procedures and solving tasks by means of virtual models. The graduate has a possibility to apply knowledge from subjects as a preparation for exams of various authorisations, which are necessary for an integrated performance of activities in practice.

Graduates are able to work also as independent experts (safety technician, authorised safety technician, fire technician, management system auditor, etc.) but also as management staff in the field of quality management, safety, fire protection, maintenance in a production or non-production organisation.

Graduates of this study programme are sought by practice already during their studies. They participate in research activities of the department for practice or the proposal of patents from the field of basic but also applied research.

Tasks of individual subjects and final theses are specifically led with regards to practical requirements.



PhD. Quality and Safety: presence and distant form


The study program Quality and Safety in the study specialisation Machinery in 3rd degree of university studies is possible to be done in presence and distant form.

This programme is mainly aimed at solving particular tasks of research activities of a workplace (basic and applies research). The international cooperation of the department in the field of quality management, maintenance management, safety of machinery and industrial processes enables, during the studies, to acquire knowledge and skills when developing international standards, methodology and tools applicable for industrial practice on the worldwide level. Qualitative and quantitative methods of risk assessment (e.g.: FMEA, HAZOP, ETA, FTA, RCFA) are essential to solve problems of the management of processes, machinery and technology, severe industrial accidents, business continuity and property safety.

A graduate of this specialisation is capable of independent, scientific, and methodical work on the innovation of new products, technology, process improvement, implementation of preventive and proactive tools into management systems on the basis of risk.





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