Methodology for ERA according to 359/2007 Coll.

Methodology for ERA according to 359/2007 Coll.

ERA is a collective designation of methodologies for environmental risk assessment. In the Slovak Republic, a methodological manual has been developed for this area in accordance with the requirements of Act no. 359/2007 Coll. on the prevention and remedying of environmental damage. The procedure for assessing environmental risks (ER) and determining the appropriate amount and method of financial coverage of liability for environmental damage is divided into the following steps in this methodological manual:

  1.  Initial environmental risk assessment 
    The initial environmental risk assessment allows operators to identify individual sources with potential for environmental damage. The purpose of the initial assessment is to determine whether there are resources, equipment and technologies for which a detailed assessment of the ER needs to be carried out, or whether the initial assessment is sufficient to determine the appropriate level of financial coverage.
  2. Detailed environmental risk assessment

    A detailed assessment of environmental risks is based on detailed analyzes of the affected environment and damage to natural resources. To determine the damage, it is necessary to apply vulnerability analyzes (calculation, quantification of the relevant damage) in combination with the probability of occurrence of the analyzed event. For this reason, standard risk analysis methods are used, such as ETA and FTA. A detailed assessment requires the involvement of experts from various fields, such as prevention of major industrial accidents, waste management, nature and landscape protection, geology and hydrogeology, safety and health protection, etc.

  3.  Determining the level of risk
    In this part, simple mechanisms for determining the risk acceptance limit are proposed, which serve to define priorities for the implementation of preventive measures.

  4.  Determining the consequences

    Knowledge of causal dependence is key to determining possible scenarios of damage to natural resources in the area affected.

  5.  Determining the amount and method of financial coverage

    The aim of this chapter is to provide answers to the questions of what is the most appropriate form of financial coverage and in what amount the financial coverage needs to be provided. Choice of a suitable method of financial coverage of liability for environmental damage in accordance with Act no. 359/2007 Coll.

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