Mgr. Marcela LASCSÁKOVÁ, PhD.

Senior Lecturer

Technical University Košice
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Letná č. 1/9, 042 00 Košice - Sever, Slovakia
phone: + 421­ 55­ 602­ 2219
fax: + 421 55 633 4738
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Charles University in Prague, Faculty of ScienceMaster in Sciences, field of specialization: Mathematics - Biology
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., field of specialization: Applied Mathematics





Research Activities

  • Applied mathematics - numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations
  • Graph theory and combinatorics


Pedagogical Activities

  • Tutorials: Applied Mathematics, Mathematics I, Mathematics II, Mathematics III, Numerical Methods, Repetitorium of Mathematics, Selected Chapters in Mathematics.
  • Lectures (selected chapters): Applied Mathematics
  • Education of students involved in Erasmus+ programme
  • Internal study materials:
    • M. Andrejiová, M. Bača, A. Feňovčíková, A. Hovana, G. Ižaríková, Z. Kimáková, M. Lascsáková, Zbierka riešených a neriešených príkladov z Matematiky 3, Technická univerzita v Košiciach, 2021 (in Slovak)
    • G. Ižaríková, M. Lascsáková, Numerická matematika v Exceli, TUKE, Košice 2016 (in Slovak)
    • D. Knežo, G. Ižaríková, M. Lascsáková, Vybrané kapitoly z aplikovanej matematiky, Technická univerzita v Košiciach, 2013 (in Slovak)



  • Co-investigator: VEGA 1/0243/23, VEGA 1/0108/19, VEGA 1/0233/18, VEGA 1/0130/12, VEGA 1/0586/10, VEGA 1/4005/07, VEGA 1/2194/05, VEGA 1/5025/98
  • Co-investigator: KEGA 005TUKE-4/2019, KEGA 072TUKE-4/2014
  • Co-investigator: FRVŠ 0242/96


Membership and Commities

  • 1996 - award of Prof. PHDr. Václav Příhoda
  • Member of Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists


List of Selected Publications

  • M. Bača, Z. Kimáková, M. Lascsáková, A. Feňovčíková, The irregularity and modular irregularity strength of fan graphs, MDPI 13 (4) (2021), 1-13
  • M. Lascsáková, Influence of two different accuracy improvements to numerical price forecasting,  Acta Logistica 7 (4) (2020), 253-260
  • M. Lascsáková, The increase of the numerical models’ accuracy within the commodity price forecasting, Interdiscip. Theory Practice 19 (2019), 5-10
  • S. W. Saputro, A. Feňovčíková, M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, On fractional metric dimension of comb product graphs, Stat. Optim. Inf. Comput. 6 (1) (2018), 150-158
  • M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, M. Naseem, A. Feňovčíková, On entire face irregularity strength of disjoint union of plane graphs, Appl. Math. Comput. 307 (2017), 232-238 
  • F. Ashraf, M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, A. Feňovčíková, On H-irregularity strength of graphs, Discuss. Math. Graph Theory 37 (4) (2017), 1067-1078  
  • A. Feňovčíková, M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, Two constructions of H-antimagic graphs, AKCE Int. J. Graphs Comb. 14 (1) (2017), 42-47
  • A. Feňovčíková, M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, M. Miller, J. Ryan, Wheels are cycle-antimagic, Electron. Notes Discrete Math. 48 (1) (2015) 11-18 
  • M. Bača, L. Brankovic, M. Lascsáková, O. Phanalasy, A. Feňovčíková, On d-antimagic labelings of plane graphs, Electro. J. Graph Theory Appl. 1 (1) (2013), 28–39
  • M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, M.K. Siddiqui, Total edge irregularity strength of toroidal fullerene, Math. Comput. Sci. 7 (4) (2013), 487–492
  • A. Ahmad, M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, A. Semaničová-Feňovčíková, Super magic and antimagic labelings of disjoint union of plane graphs, Sci. Inter. 24 (1) (2012), 21–25
  • M. Bača, M. Lascsáková, A. Semaničová, On connection between alpha-labelings and edge-antimagic labelings of disconnected graphs, Ars Combin. 106 (7) (2012), 321–326
  • M. Lascsáková. V. Penjak, Numerical experiment with the embedded Runge-Kuta formulae of the 6th order to the 5th order, Carpathian J. Math. 20 (1) (2004), 67-72