Course of Mathematics


Good mathematical knowledge is a basic prerequisite for successful study at the faculties of the Technical University in Košice. The Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics offers annually in September


for prospective students of the 1st year of study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The main aim of the course is to repeat, complete and deepen knowledge of secondary school mathematics for successfully passing the study of mathematical disciplines at the faculties of the Technical university. Many years of experience show that in the first term of study, the exam in mathematics is one of the most demanding from the student's point of view. Therefore, the aim of the course is also to make it easier for those who decided to study progammes where the math is neccessary and to reach the level of secondary school mathematics to start university studies in mathematics. The lecturers of the course are teachers of the department.
The whole attendance of course is FREE for 1st year students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering studying in Slovak and also in English.
Mathematical areas involved in the course:
Operations with ratios/fractals, editing algebraic expressions, decompositions of polynomials, equations (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic), inequalities, systems of equations, functions and their properties, complex numbers, basic relations and equations of goniometry, analytical geometry in the plane, matrices, basics of derivation.
The content of the course can be adapted to the requirements of the course participants.
Timetable of the course: 
The course is scheduled from 8:00 am to 12:15 am CET in 5 lessons per day, i.e., 20 lessons in total. The information about the course in the academic year 2024/2025 will be updated soon.