Responsible persons: prof. Ing. Radovan Hudák, PhD., Dr.h.c. mult. prof. Ing. Živčák Jozef, DrSc., MPH
Location: Letná 9, main building, ground floor B-block, room B-P011

Focus of the laboratory

The laboratory is focused on the application of additive technologies in the field of medicine, including progressive bioadditive production. There are 3D printers in the laboratory, which use platinum materials and powders of metal alloys (cobalt chrome, titanium alloy) to produce models/objects. The laboratory is intended for research purposes in the field of tissue engineering, biomaterials and biomedical engineering.

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Objectives of the laboratory

  • Gain knowledge about the possibilities and application of additive technologies in medicine
  • Familiarize students and teach them to prepare .stl data for 3D printing in the given software
  • To deepen students' theoretical knowledge and technical skills in the design, production and application of additive technologies in biomedical engineering

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Laboratory equipment

  • EDEN 260V OBJET – polymer 3D printer with PolyJet technology
  • EDEN 250 OBJETpolymer 3D printer with PolyJet technology
  • Fortus 450mc Stratasyspolymer 3D printer with FDM technology
  • Mlab cusing R Concept Lasermetal 3D printer with SLM technology
  • Dentas Arrow 3D laser metal printer LMP100metal 3D printer with SLM technology
  • Makerbot Peplikator+ - polymer 3D printer with FDM technology
  • 3D-Bioplotter EnvisionTEC + Dell Precision Tower - 3D printer with FDM technology
  • VIDA EnvisionTECpolymer 3D printer with DLP technology
  • Sinterovacia pec Infire s funkciou METALL – furnace for annealing zirconium models
  • Sinterovacia pec Sirona Infire – furnance for annealing metal models
  • Vysavač RUWAC Industriesauger Zone 22



  • Software for 3D printing preparation and 3D data processing - a complete package for 3D printing and digital data processing (CAMbridge, Insight, Magics)
  • Software for creation and simulation of CAD models a complete package for modeling and simulation of CAD data with an intuitive environment and a wide range of functions
  • A software package for the creation of anatomical models that enables a wide range of operations with medical DICOM data
Contact adress:
Technical university of Kosice
Faculty of mechanical engineering
Department of biomedical engineering and measurement
Letná 9, 5th floor A-block
042 00 Košice, Slovakia




Office hours:

Tuesday: 8:00 a.m to 12:00 a.m

Thursday: 8:00 a.m to 12:00 a.m