responsible person: Ing. Lucia Bednarčíková, PhD.
Location: Letná 9, main building, ground floor B-block, room B/P023


Focus of the laboratory

The laboratory is focused on diagnostic procedures and taking measurement data for the design and production of orthopedic aids. The laboratory's equipment is primarily used for postural and podiatric analyzes and the subsequent production of orthopedic insoles. Students can deepen and verify their theoretical knowledge in subjects such as Prosthetics and Orthotics I./II., Biomechanics in Prosthetics and Orthotics I./II. and Proteometry. 




Objectives of the laboratory

  • Gain knowledge about the possibilities and application of innovative technologies in the field of prosthetics, orthotics and calceotics.
  • Familiarize students and teach them to work with equipment and methods used in practice by orthopedic technicians.
  • To deepen students' theoretical knowledge and technical skills in the design, manufacture and application of orthoses.





  • The principle of the technology is based on two pads with silicone filling and the possibility of air extraction to remove the 3D relief of the leg.

  • Podolab is equipped with a pedal to activate the negative pressure and a chamber for heating orthopedic insoles that can be molded under heat.

  • It enables the precise production of individually shaped shoe insoles from semi-finished products without the need for subsequent post-processing.

  • The podoscope is an essential tool for the clinical examination of plantar pressures.

  • It provides the information necessary for diagnosis and subsequent therapy, allows assessment of the shape, type and possible pathology of the foot.

  • The device is equipped with an inclined mirror, cameras and LED backlight to enhance contrast.







  • A podobarometric platform equipped with pressure sensors (4 sensors per cm2) detects and uses a computer program (Milletrix, Diasu, Italy) to evaluate the pressure distribution on the soles of the feet in real time.

  • With the help of the device, it is possible to evaluate and analyze the distribution of weight between the right and left lower limb, the anterior-posterior distribution of pressure on the foot, as well as analyze places with increased pressure, determine and assess the correctness of the position of the projection of the center of gravity.

  • It offers the possibility of static and dynamic analysis as well as a stabilometric test.



In the field of orthotics, the practical teaching focuses primarily on the production of orthoses from low-temperature thermoplastics, which are activated in water at a temperature of 60 to 70°C.


In the field of prosthetics, it is a device for completing and determining construction lines and correctly aligning the components of modular prostheses of the lower limbs.



  • DiaSu Milletrix - software for analysing the distribution of plantar pressure for Baropodometer
  • Sidas DuoCam - software for foot diagnostic for Podoscope


Vyučované predmety

  • Prosthetics and orhotics 1
  • Prosthetics and orhotics 2
  • Biomechanics in Prosthetics and orhotics 1
  • Biomechanics inProsthetics and orhotics 2
  • basics of Prosthetics and orhotics
  • Protetometry
  • Goniometry in Prosthetics and orhotics
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