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Can university studies prepare you for the new challenges of 21st century industry? Definitely yes! the study program Computer Support of Mechanical Production will enable you to gain knowledge about the most modern production technologies, materials, production machines and their control. All this applied in the conditions of Industry 4.0 using the most modern digital technologies. A wide range of CAx software tools will allow you not only to design and model new products or equipment, to design technological production processes, but also to virtually simulate their behavior in real operation. An erudite team of teachers will prepare you for the application of CAx software in practice such as CAD modelling at a certified level, CAE simulation of the production technologies and CAM programming of the production on CNC machines. As a graduate you will also acquire other professional-specific competencies and skills, on the basis of which you will be able to communicate with other professions and components participating in the provision of production (economics, management, construction, supply, etc.).


Charasteristics of the program

The graduate of the Bachelor's study programme Computer Support of Mechanical Engineering Production has basic knowledge of mechanical engineering production, production programming on NC and CNC machines, designing products and processes using CAD systems. He understands the principles of technological processes, engineering materials, applies CAx systems for design and technology. He is able to carry out the profession of production technologist, designer of jigs and production tools in the field of technical preparation of production, production programmer on NC and CNC machines using computer technology and appropriate software, worker in IT departments of engineering enterprises and also as a specialist for testing and test facilities. He will find employment in manufacturing companies with a mechanical engineering focus, in the supply sector of the automotive industry, in companies with in-house development of new products, in service operations and companies focused on the sale of mechanical engineering products.


Learning objectives 

The graduate of the Bachelor's study programme Computer support of mechanical engineering production acquires knowledge and skills in the field of technical and natural science disciplines, in the field of mechanical engineering technologies, technical materials, design of products, tools and jigs, mechanics, programming of NC and CNC technology, modelling and simulation of technological processes, in the application of CAx systems for design of construction and technology, in the field of application of new, modern systems for computer support of activities in mechanical engineering.


Learning Outcomes 

The graduate of the Bachelor's study programme Computer Support of Engineering Production is able to solve problems related to the implementation and operation of production-technological systems. He/she has general knowledge and the necessary knowledge about production technologies, materials, production machines, means of operational and inter-operational manipulation and transport, control of production processes and their management. Has the necessary skills to apply information technology and computer support tools in the design of jigs and tools in the technological preparation of production. The above special knowledge and skills are enhanced by knowledge of CAx systems used in production preparation and control. The graduate has additional knowledge on the basis of which he/she is able to communicate with other professions and components involved in production assurance (economics, management, construction, supply, etc.).


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In the design of specific solutions, he applies knowledge from the field of structural engineering disciplines and computer-aided design of products and processes. He/she can use information on the coordination of the work of specialists of participating disciplines and use it to an appropriate extent in the development of his/her own designs. Has sufficient knowledge for the analysis of problems and their subsequent specification for the relevant participating profession. Uses knowledge of computer-aided manufacturing methods and techniques in design. Is able to produce simpler designs for production processes under expert supervision. Can independently produce design and technological documentation using computer techniques. The graduate has the ability to present his/her designs and justify their solutions to a professional audience. He is able to work effectively as a member of a team.



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Department of Technology, Materials and Computer Supported Production
Institute of Technology and Materials Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technical University of Košice


Head of the department and director of the institute: prof. Ing. Emil Spišák, CSc.
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Secretariat: Ing. Eva Krupárová
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