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Doctoral studies

Programme of study: Environmental engineering
Form of study: full-time / external
Language of study: Slovak
Standard length of study: 4 years / 5 years


The graduate of the Environmental Engineering programme is able to carry out scientific research in order to gain new knowledge, develop new methodologies, simulate procedures and solutions and transfer them into practice. They have mastered scientific methods of research and development. Depending on profile, they focus on the development of new methods and means for identification, modelling, simulation and development of systems and means for their technical, information, economic, business and management provision in relation to product quality and environment. The graduate scientifically researches and brings their own solutions to problems in the field of the customer-oriented technical quality of products and quality of the environment. Through their research work, they acquire new theoretical knowledge in the fields of process optimization, computer-aided technical means for simulation, preparing and transmission of data and research and development in related fields. They have mastered modern mathematical and statistical methods, including computer simulations, and can use them creatively in their scientific work. They have mastered scientific formulations of the problems to be solved, which they see and understand in the interdisciplinary context given by the technical, legal, economic, ethical and environmental aspects of the complex task solved. They can present the results of their scientific work in professional circles at domestic and international level.


The main areas of employment of graduates of the programme of study in the Slovak and European labour markets are:
• in the field of research as R&D staff in higher education institutions, research institutes, R&D departments of companies in measurement and monitoring,
• advisory and expert work in the field,
• establishment of own companies in measurement, assessment, design, data preparation and environmental impact assessment.


Website for applicants: https://sjf.tuke.sk/uchadzac/en/studijne-programy/environmental-engineering-ee-2/
Additional information: Environmental Engineering - SjF - TUKE | portál VŠ (portalvs.sk)


The study program is managed and directed by the study program board
Composition of the study program


The person responsible for the environmental engineering study program:
prof. Ing. Ervin Lumnitzer, PhD.


Persons responsible for mandatory subjects:
Dr.h.c. mult. prof. Ing. Miroslav Badida, PhD.
doc. Ing. Ružena Králiková, PhD.
doc. Ing. Lýdia Sobotová, PhD.
doc. RNDr. Miriam Andrejiová, PhD.


Student representative:
Ing. Elena Lukáč Jurgovská


Representatives of external interested parties or graduates:
Three external members


Study advisor:
Ing. Miriama Piňosová, PhD.


48.731454973 N    21.245949268 E

Mapa EN 2023


Park Komenského 5
042 00 Košice
Slovak republic


Marianna Brnová
Phone number: +421 55 602 2925
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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