History of the Department of Safety and Quality (KBaKP)


The Department of Safety and Quality (KBaKP) was approved by the Academic Senate of the FME TU in 2000 and was established on September 1, 2001, by a decision of the Dean of the Faculty. The initiator of the department was Dr.h.c. mult. prof. Ing. Juraj Sinay, DrSc., who also became the first Head of the department.

The focus of study programs at the department reflected on the development of industry and society. Requirements for safety and health protection at work, with the accession of the Slovak Republic to the EU, have become a activator for the competitiveness of the organization. The safety of machinery is currently a basic prerequisite for increasing productivity and long-term prosperity of the organization. The quality of production is a criterion for maintaining good relations with customers in a global market environment.

Cooperation with practice, especially in the metallurgical, gas, petrochemical, engineering and automotive industries, resulted in the so-called "Demand-oriented" subjects incorporated into the curriculum, such as maintenance management, risk management, technical diagnostics, process management, prevention of major industrial accidents, etc.

The aim of the Department of Safety and Quality is to be a long-term reliable partner in the field of education, research, innovation and consulting in the conditions of the European Research and University Area. Its aim is that the results of its activities are beneficial not only for partners from industrial practice but also support the applicability of faculty graduates in the Slovak Republic and abroad.



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