The profile of the Prototyping and Innovation Centre (PaIC) is based on the outstanding characteristics incorporated already in the concept of its foundation. In terms of material equipment this includes the most advanced manufacturing technology, the structure of which makes it suitable also for very precise tool manufacture. The technology is situated in new premises which has a positive effect on the final accuracy and general quality of manufacture. In terms of human resources, PaIC is staffed to provide an optimal mix of expert knowledge, age structure and good knowledge of both academic and industrial environment, benefitting from the excellent research capacities of the whole university.

The commitment/mission of PaIC is its (PaIC is dedicated to) active performance in the following areas:

  • Implementation of research results of faculty staff and students
  • Research, development and innovations for industry
  • Mentoring and manufacturing support for start-ups and small businesses in the field of prototype development and manufacture
  • Enabling students to directly participate in the research of new products and technologies
  • Coordination of complex industry-university collaboration projects with international outreach

PaIC also comprises the ICT and publishing centre which covers tasks concerning computer technology and informatics, especially related to hardware and software equipment for lecture rooms and faculty premises, server management, as well as instruction of computer related subjects, copying services and publishing work.


Offer for cooperation with industry

The scope of our offer of services for industry is based on proven expert abilities and outstanding manufacturing possibilities and includes:

  • Manufacture and testing of prototypes and verification batches of machinery and equipment
  • Single piece and small-batch precise CNC manufacture of components
  • Design proposals and preparation of drawing documentation
  • Testing of cutting power and lifetime of tooling for chip machining
  • Design and manufacture of jigs for various technological processes
  • Comprehensive design and elaboration of technological procedures of manufacture, including machinery and tooling equipment
  • Verification and optimization of technological processes in manufacturing
  • Design, manufacture and testing of robotic cells for application/spraying of glue for joining of components in batch production, mainly in automotive industry
  • Development of equipment for automation and robotization of manufacturing processes
  • Development of equipment for decommissioning of nuclear power plants
  • Preparation, submission and follow-up coordination of projects involving collaboration of universities and industry under EU structural funds and framework programmes
  • Training and retraining of workers in industry in using new technology and/or in programming and work with CNC manufacturing technology

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Prototyping and Innovation Centre

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technical University of Košice

Park Komenského 12a
042 00 Košice

Director of the centre

Ing. Ladislav Vargovčík, PhD.

phone: +421 55 602 3365
mobile: +421 905 474 353
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.