Application of PhD. graduates



The graduate of the study program Power Machines and Equipment has acquired deep knowledge of the mathematical and physical foundations of mechanical engineering. This knowledge, together with the theory of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat and mass transfer, solid mechanics form the basic theoretical basis of power engineering technology. The graduate has adequate knowledge of technology and construction of machines and equipment. 

The second phase of the study involves applied scientific disciplines. These represent a good theoretical and methodological professional basis and practical experience necessary to solve a wide range of problems related to the design, construction and operation of machinery and equipment that produce and transform energy in a form intended for consumption (boilers and various combustion equipment, pumps and compressors, cogeneration units, etc.), machines that produce energy in the form of mechanical work (turbines of all types, hydrodynamic, hydrostatic and pneumatic engines, internal combustion engines, etc.) and equipment (all types of accessories) that support the operation of these machines. 

The study is focused on creating prerequisites for the purposeful formation of the professional profile of the graduate, whose specific form will be acquired in terms of technical practice. 

In accordance with the current needs of the national economy, this part of the study focuses on the design of machines and equipment, which use alternative energy sources (solar, wind and geothermal energy, biomass energy and waste, etc.). 

The acquired knowledge and personal skills of the graduate as a systemic approach to solving problems, knowledge of technology needed in the production and construction of power machines and equipment, using modern calculation methods, are a prerequisite for the graduate to apply in all types of engineering companies producing power machines and equipment, but also in every sphere of the national economy and small and medium-sized enterprises, where power facilities are constructed or operated.  

The graduate is able to communicate in a world language and so can find employment not only at home but also abroad as: 

  • independent creative designer, technologist, or consultant in the field of power engineering, 
  • a scientist or researcher. 

The level of all graduates of the study program is very good. Students solve projects, laboratory and numerical works, diploma thesis and complete the professional practice during their studies. Graduates can then find an adequate employment in the field. Graduates of the study program Power Machines and Equipment have found employment, e.g. in these power and mechanical engineering companies: Tepláreň Košice, Tepelné hospodárstvo Košice, Bytový podnik Trebišov, QEL Bardejov, SIEA Košice, Dalkia Košice, SES Tlmače, Košice, SE Vojany, Vodné elektrárne Dobšina, Trenčín, SPP Veľké Kapušany, Jablonov nad Turňou, Nitra, Klimavex Košice, US Steel, Whirlpool Poprad, Molex, Gilbos Kechnec, Getrag Kechnec, Kosit Košice, Bioplynová stanica Rozhanovce and etc.

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