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Project “Help for the hospital” 2020 

Currently, we are involved in the production of the safety masks and shields to protect against  
COVID-19 due to the bad situation with the supply of protective equipment, especially for small hospitals. Today we managed to deliver 200 shields to the hospital in Revúca. Protective aids from us were also delivered to the medical center in Jelšava and to several dental clinics. We also supply protective equipment to people who are in the front line, rescuers.

The Department of Power Engineering has been involved in the production of protective equipment for healthcare professionals as part of an announced call. Despite our limited production capacities, we succeed in producing simple protective aids, which we then distribute to medical facilities. Currently, we have prepared 15 respirators, which we have delivered to healthcare professionals who are indaily contact with the patients. Production continues and we are trying to provide protective equipment in the region, which is not yet significantly affected by the pandemic, but there is a high risk of its rapid spread. We help as we know.

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26th International Engineering Fair in Nitra 2019


Another success of the Department of Power Engineering at the 26th International Engineering Fair in Nitra. The department recorded its third success at the 26th International Engineering Fair in Nitra, where we won the Techfórum 2019 fair award with the exhibit:


Our thanks go to the management of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for supporting and creating the background for research in the field of hydrogen technologies, the company Tatramat – ohrievače vody, s.r.o. (water heaters) for cooperation in the production and optimization of the heat pump and the APVV agency for the allocation of funds within the solved project APVV-15-0202.

You will find a detailed description here

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A team of employees from the Department of Power Engineering led by doc. Ing Tomáš Brestovič, PhD. received on 08.11.2018 from the hands of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic JUDr. Mgr. Martina Lubyová, PhD. and the General Director of the Science and Technology Section of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Bc. PhDr. Marek Hajduk, PhD. award Scientific-technical team of 2018 for the implementation of hydrogen technologies in the field of energy and the automotive industry. The team members are: doc. Ing. Tomáš Brestovič, PhD .; prof. Ing. Mária Čarnogurská, CSc .; doc. Ing. Natalia Jasminska, PhD .; doc. Ing. Marian Lazar, PhD.

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After the success of the 25th International Engineering Fair in Nitra, the Department of Power Engineering also participated in the 60th International Engineering Fair in Brno, but this time in a non-competitive way. Despite the fact that the model of a toy car for hydrogen fuel cells did not participate in the competition, it attracted a lot of attention from both the professional and public, which visited the engineering fair. Over the course of 5 days, a large number of visitors took turns at the stand of the Technical University in Košice, which suggests that the projects that are being developed at the Department of Energy Technology represent a possibility of wide application in the future.

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Another success of the Department of Power Engineering at the 25th International Engineering Fair in Nitra

The department recorded another significant success at the 25th International Engineering Fair in Nitra, where we won the prize of the fair with an exhibit:

A model of a hydrogen car using a fuel cell and metal hydride materials for propulsion

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