Continuity between the 1st and the 2nd degree

Graduates of the Bachelor's study (i.e. the 1st degree of the university study) have a possibility to continue in the Master's study in order to obtain the title Mechanical Engineer (i.e. the 2nd degree of the university study) according to the next table, where the possibility of continuity is marked by the symbol “x”:

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List of acronyms

M - Mechatronics

AaCoMaP - Automation and Control of Machines and Processes

AM - Applied Mechanics

ME - Mechanical Engineering

PSMaE -Power Supply Machines and Equipment

TMaL - Transport Machines and Logistics

PMaM - Production Machines and Machinery

MoTaERiE - Management of Technical and Environmental Risks in Engineering

ToEP - Technology of Environmental Protection

PQE - Production Quality Engineering

SoTS - Safety of Technical Systems

BE - Biomedical Engineering

Mea - Measuring

PaO - Prosthetics and Orthotics

ET - Engineering Technologies

AP - Automotive Production

PoP - Processing of Plastics

CASoEP - Computer Aided Support of Engineering Production

IE - Industrial Engineering

WJaST - Welding, Joining and Surface Treatments

BMaE - Business Management and Economy

TMaIoEP - Technologies, Management and Innovations of Engineering Production