Bachelor´s study

According to the Slovak legislation, which is relating to the university study and in accordance with the Statute of the Technical University of Košice the admission process for the students of the Bachelor's study program is without the admission exam. The basic admission condition is the completed secondary school education or the secondary professional school education

Deadline for submission of the application form: 31. 08. 2020

Payment for material costs relating to the admission process: 60,- € in the case of the paper application form or 50,- € using the electronic application form.
Method of payment: bank transfer
Data necessary for payment:
IBAN: SK4181800000007000151492
Name of the recipient's account: Strojnícka fakulta TU v Košiciach, Letná 9, 042 00 Košice
Variable symbol: 9
Constant symbol: 0308

Text for the recipient: first name and surname, study program according to the application form, degree of study

Mail address: Študijné oddelenie, Strojnícka fakulta, Technická univerzita v Košiciach, Letná 9, 042 00 Košice

Web-page of the Faculty:


Numbers of students determined for the admission process:

Bachelor´s study programNumbers of students

Full-time form of study

 Automotive production 30
 Quality and security 20
 Management of technical and environmental risks in engineering 30
 Mechatronics 50
 Computer aided mechanical engineering production 30
 Industrial engineering 40
 Prosthetics and orthotics 20
 Business management and economy 30
 Mechanical engineering 100
 Technology of environmental protection 20
 Technologies, management and innovations of engineering production 20

Combined form of study

 Industrial engineering 50
 Quality and security 20
 Technologies, management and innovations of engineering production 50


Instructions for applicants of the Bachelor's study:

1 The application form:
a) the application form can be completed in two ways:

• in the paper form, i.e. the paper application form is completed by hand (download of the application form HERE),
• in the electronic form (electronic-paper form) – e-application form, i.e. the completed and printed form has to be sent per post,

b) delivery of the completed and signed application form, together with the required documents, can be performed in two ways:

• per post, whereas the date of the post stamp is deciding,
• personally, to the university mail room,

c) other required documents that have to be attached to the application form are as follows:

• officially verified reports from the previous 3 years of the secondary school,
• officially verified leaving certificate from the secondary school,
• document about the payment for the costs relating to the admission process,
• CV.

2 One application form is determined for one study program only.